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ANNAKIKI Milan Fashion Week 2024SS

The Post-Future Evolution: Coevolution of Humanity and Technology “"Humans cannot create mutations, nor can they prevent mutations from occurring. Humans merely preserve and accumulate mutations that have already taken place." — Charles Darwin, "On the Origin of Species"

In 1859, Charles Darwin published the significant work "On the Origin of Species," discussing the evolution of life. He mainly addressed two questions: first, that the diverse forms of life on Earth have evolved, and second, that biological evolution is driven by natural selection. He believed that species are not fixed entities but change in response to environmental shifts, and evolution is a gradual, continuous process over long periods. Human evolution follows a similar pattern. After gaining wisdom, we built civilizations and invented technology, aiming to shape our future destiny. Brian Arthur, an American thinker, presented a human evolution perspective in his book "The Nature of Technology." He suggested that technology, like biology, can evolve through "upgrades," "improvements," and "developments." Just as biological organisms undergo "mutations" that result in fundamental changes, Arthur believed that technology always exists to serve human purposes. Over the last decade, dramatic shifts in the natural environment, global political dynamics, and the rapid advance of technological revolutions led by artificial intelligence have prompted us to contemplate the rapidly evolving information era and the uncertain future of humanity. Based on this context, designer Anna Yang dares to imagine: what if humans and technology co-evolve? If processes like self-repair, emotional connections, and self-awareness occur simultaneously in the relationship between humans and technology, and if humans possess both mechanical and biological attributes, could this lead to new "mutations"? With technology's involvement, will the human body undergo novel changes, giving rise to extraordinary forms of life?

DESIGNER : ANNAKIKI @annakikiofficial

PHOTOGRAPHER: Marcos Vasconcelos @marcosvasconcelosnyc


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