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ANA GUERRA Meet The International Model



Hello, my name is Ana Guerra, and I was born in Russia. I am 29 years old. I started modeling more than four years ago, working in Europe for multiple independent brands, which helped me gain a lot of experience. I really like what I do, and my modeling career brings a lot of inspiration into my life. I appreciate working in creative teams and having the opportunity to collaborate with so many incredible artists from all around the world. I have been into fashion and art since my childhood; dancing is part of my life as well. Styling clothes is also a passion, and I am planning to launch my own clothing brand next year. Besides being a full-time model, I have a degree in Economics and currently working on obtaining another one in Accounting. I place high importance on leading an active, healthy lifestyle and always thinking positively. I believe in hard work and discipline; if you work hard, you will undoubtedly achieve what you want.


Model: Ana Guerra @wow_itspanthere777

Photographer: Dennis Tooshkanov @ariephotostudio

Creator: Margarita Khachatrian @margaritanycity


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