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ALONSO MÁXIMO Guelaguetza Bridal " Celebrations of love culture and traditions"

Alonso Máximo creates stunning bridal gowns that showcase the beauty of Oaxacan culture. His designs incorporate intricate details such as delicate fabrics and laces, reflecting his passion for haute couture. Máximo's collection, named Guelaguetza Bridal, is a celebration of love, culture, and traditions. Each gown tells a story, drawing inspiration from the vibrant traditions of Oaxaca. The collection captures the essence of the Guelaguetza festival, a cultural event that showcases the diversity and richness of Oaxacan traditions. Having showcased his designs at prestigious fashion events like New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, Alonso Máximo has gained recognition for his unique and artistic approach to bridal fashion. His creations not only embody elegance and sophistication but also pay homage to the cultural heritage of Oaxaca. Through his work, Alonso Máximo aims to promote and preserve the traditions of Oaxaca, while also bringing a touch of modernity and innovation to his designs. His passion for haute couture shines through in every piece, making him a prominent figure in the fashion industry.



DESIGNER : Alonso Máximo @alonsomaximodesign

MODEL : Eva Aveiga

PHOTOGRAPHER : Jose A. Melendez @josemelendezphotography

HAIR & MAKEUP : Marco Valenzuela @projimo_beauty1


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