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FMNYC - What is your greatest weakness, as a model? What are you doing to improve on it?

INNA - My greatest weakness? It might only be kryptonite. (Smiles)

I think the most challenging part in both modeling in particular andlife in general is to maintain a healthy balance between work, relationships and leisure. It’s an amazing quality to be able to keep all the spheres of your life in harmony by not giving an extreme priority to any one of them. I would say that a perfectionist inside of me strives to concentrate on work only in order to attain excellence in the chosen craft. Is it a weakness?

In order to balance it out I spend more time with family and friends, tend to my hobbies, meditate and just be present in every single moment.

FMNYC - Did 2020 affect your creativity as a model?

INNA - Honestly, 2020 was a year of challenge for everyone and gave us a significant push to reestablish our values. Even though all the public fashion events were cancelled , I wouldn’t say 2020 suffocated my creative resources . On the other hand It gave me time to clear my vision and listen to the inner voice that brought me new creative ideas as well as ignited a desire to become a better friend, daughter, family member and human being in general.

FMNYC - What does a “new normal world” post-pandemic?

INNA - In my eyes, new normal post-pandemic world is a world of new opportunities, re-evaluated priorities and curious but cautious reintroduction ourselves to the world.

FMNYC - What are you looking forward to in 2021?

INNA - Honestly, there are so many exciting events taking place this year, but I am definitely looking forward to my summer vacation with close friends and family in Ukraine, because there is nothing better than seeing genuine smiles on beloved faces .

FMNYC - Which designers would you like to work and why?

INNA - The fashion industry is so diverse and creatively overwhelming, but out of all of them I would undoubtedly love to work with Alexander McQueen Fashion house. In my personal opinion, it represents the edgy line where strong tradition, spirit of royalty, conservative luxury and rebellious fashion blends in a cocktail of rich fabrics, fabulous cuts and iconic designs.

FMNYC - Favorite photographers?

INNA - Among contemporary portrait and fashion photographers I do admire the fresh and bold style of the work of Lindsay Adler, the daring and ostentatious portraits of Desiree Mattsson, the vibrant, caught in the moment, boundless photography of David Roemer, the flawless and emotive portraiture of Lara Jade and especially the unique style of Jinja Zhang and Julia Hetta.

FMNYC- What is your personal style?

INNA - It goes without saying that your personal style is your personal calling card, wherever you go it speaks when you are silent, it communicates with others without you being aware and highlights your silhouette among others.

As famous fashion icon Iris Apfel says : 'When the fun goes out of dressing, you might as well be dead.' And I can totally agree with it.

I would say my personal style is bouncing from comfortable and casual with simple patterns and designs, made of denim and cotton for everyday use to modern and trendy for special occasions. In such cases I would definitely go for a ton on ton look, something classical but not conservative or boring, made with quality fabrics that speak for themselves, with a few subtle pieces of jewelry to finish the look with a mysterious glow.

FMNYC- What is your favorite part of the modeling industry?

INNA - With 100% certainty I may say that commercial & print modeling is one of my favorites, that surely has its own standards and requirements, but it better suits creative, well-rounded , attractive and charismatic people, who are not shy to be themselves in front of the camera and can act and play different characters.

FMNYC - What is your dream campaign and why?

INNA - Did I mention my deep admiration of Alexander McQueen Fashion house? Oh yes, I certainly did and I would say that their campaigns are true installations of art in the form of fashion garments. Every time I watch their seasonal campaigns it’s like I am being submerged in a fantasy history novel, where members of a court follow their unique high fashion code to satisfy their thirst for opulence, influence and recognition ! It would be an honor to participate in one of their campaigns, as every single design breathes with uniqueness, fragrant of elegance and armored with rose-pricks of innovative fashion trends. Such a lush combination of history, legacy and untethered sophistication.


FMNYC - What is your greatest weakness, as a model? What are you doing to improve on it?

MARY - My greatest weakness as a model is definitely my imposter syndrome about it—I am new and I have so much fun modeling so I am focusing on the joy it gives me.

FMNYC - Did 2020 affect your creativity as a model?

MARY - I felt like 2020 stole some of my creativity and confidence as an actor and a model, but seeing how the world reacts to 2020 is definitely enlivening that creativity.

FMNYC - What is a “new normal world” post-pandemic?

MARY - My new normal is doing what I want. I did not really model before 2020 because I thought it was for other people with a different kind of body type and face; however, ‘post-pandemic’ I love trying any different creative projects that come my way.

FMNYC - What are you looking forward to in 2021and 2022 ?

MARY - I am so looking forward to the world reopening and theatre, film and television to grow and shift.

FMNYC - When you’re not working, how do you like to spend free time?

MARY - I love jogging and spending time with my lovely friends.

FMNYC - Favorite photographers?

MARY - I have really enjoyed working with many different styles of photographers, but I’m learning about the canon of photographers and trying to develop what kind of style I enjoy most!

FMNYC - What is your personal style?

MARY - I feel most comfortable and most naturally myself in neutral tones with high waisted silhouettes given my body shape. I also feel like my hair always gives me a pop, of energy and accessory.

FMNYC - What is your favorite part of the modeling industry?

MARY - My favorite part has been meeting new people and learning about an industry that has so long been in the periphery of my mind and now I am actually in it.

FMNYC - What is your dream campaign and why?

MARY - My dream campaign would be a really neutral, earthy, ultra natural commercial shoot that focuses on natural intrinsic beauty showing up on camera. I would love to work with some sort of sustainable clothing company.

FMNYC - What are your goals as a model?

MARY - I want to consistently work in some creative way and keep learning. The projects and collaborations that I have done so far make me so happy to be involved, and I can’t wait to keep working.







MODEL: MARY HEALY @maryeileenhealy

MODEL : INNA KACHANKO @inna_kachanko

PHOTOS: MARCOS VASCONCELOS @marcosvasconcelosnyc


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