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Ukrainian brand SOLH Autumn collection

SOLH - the 1st studio of fashionable metamorphoses presents a new

collection and an unexpected mix of shapes, textures and prints.

One of the main trends of the season is check clothing. From fashion

catwalks, geometric confidently stepped into everyday life, despite the fact

that the traditional Scottish cage is associated with the uniform of students

from prestigious English colleges or brave hunters. This print is a great

opportunity to create original and at the same time universal images.

In this collection, SOLH uses exclusive woolen fabrics, Italian cashmere, an

art print and shows what transformations can occur with the shape, style,

capabilities and life of the person who selects the brand’s products. The color

palette catches the eye to gray-blue accents - they symbolize calm

determination, and in shades of dark brown you can see not only the depth,

but also the saturation of dark chocolate.

Let this fall be sure to be inspiring for you and open up new opportunities.

Change must necessarily happen, because each of them is a step into a new

life. SOLH lets you experiment and change your image every day with ease.

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