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The successful story of famous fashion producer Dimitri Manuel

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Today we are talking with the famous fashion producer Dimitri Manuel. In just a few years in New York, Dimitri helped hundreds of girls and boys become successful in the fashion world. He works with the largest platforms as part of the New York Fashion Week. Famous brands asked him to advertise their product. No popular party in Manhattan is held without his participation. Stylists consult with him, celebrities adore him, designers dream to work with him.

Dimitri, your life is a dream of millions! You are a welcome guest at Manhattan's brightest parties! How did you come to this?

- You know, constant parties are a bit exhausting. I love my work and being in contact with the stars is a big part of it. I am pleased that my friends and I are always glad to see at the coolest parties, but it has always been like this in my life. I lived and worked in Europe for a long time, I was always attracted to organizational work, so while studying I tried to go to practice and was engaged in entertainments and organization. After that I worked in large international companies in the field of marketing and entertainment. Then I was invited to broadcast on fashion TV and it so fascinated me that I worked with them for more than 10 years.

- How did it happen that you went to New York?

- Fashion begins in Manhattan and lives in Milan. I always wanted to visit New York, to see and compare how the shows are held in New York and in Europe. At that moment I had a very difficult turning point in my personal life, I was learning to understand and accept myself anew, I needed to be distracted. Therefore, the trip was very welcome and New York met me very pleasantly: I immediately had a lot of famous acquaintances, I got to the most incredible parties, so what-I was hanging out with Lady Gaga herself.

- This is unbelievable! People dream of going to such parties all their lives! Tell us what are the main differences in shows in Europe and America.

- You know, the first thing I would like to note is people. In America, it’s much easier to relate to everything: it does not matter the color of the skin, orientation, or outlook on life. People are always ready to listen to you regardless of your origin - this captivates. The main thing here is what you are and what you can offer them. And I could offer a lot, I had a huge experience both in the field of organization and in the fashion world. I worked as a producer of " Haute couture fashion show " - this is a platform for beginner designers, first worked as a co-producer of Style Fashion Week - they organize shows in New York, Los Angeles and Miami. A bit later, I was invited to work as a general director on the ASC Fashion Week platform and I did everything: from searching for designers and staging shows to compiling guest lists. But you see how this platform is developing! They went to the top. Everyone knows them in Manhattan in just a couple of years!

- It's true, we were at their show in September, really impressive! Clothes from the show of the designer Gasanova were put on by Gigi Hadid herself! Tell us about your academy, how did you come to this and how to get there?

- I have been working for a long time and as a general director and while I organized shows I often talked with casting directors and everyone had one problem - the lack of models that would not only fit in appearance, but also walk well on the catwalk. You see, when an agency provides a model, they guarantee only her appearance. Models can be very beautiful and with a perfect body, but if they falls on the podium, it will be a failure. I often had to retrain the girls and boys in a couple hours before the shows and it was a disaster! When there were a lot of them, I decided to open my own academy. Everyone can come there to study and after six months of studying can open the show of a famous designer. We working with girls, boys, child and everyone who want studying, because in fashion better to start career earlier as soon as possible.

- We have a set of lessons on walking and posing on the podium. We practice 2-3 times a week for 2 hours. Every week we have practical classes: either a photo shoot where models hone their ability to pose, or a presentation where they train their walk. In addition, during this period they collect a portfolio, which helps them in the future work. I often invite famous personalities or those who has already graduates and they tell all the secrets of working as a model through their own experience. Half of my graduates now work for Calvin Klein, Philipp Plein, Tom Ford and even Balenciaga. We often meet at private parties and these are always very warm meetings.

Thank you very much Dimitry, it was very nice to talk with you! We are very glad that you find the time for us with such a difficult schedule.

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