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Teen Spotlight: Emilia Pedersen

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Emilia Pedersen

Emilia Pedersen is a 16-year-old pop singer, who is currently recording her first album with her label.  She is Danish and loves all performing arts, including fashion, modeling, and acting. 

Emilia regularly attends award shows, charity events and galas, and has opened and hosted events such as the recent Portuguese Brazilian Awards at the Lincoln Center in Manhattan & Castle hotel & Spa.

Additionally, she is a Junior Ambassador for  ARD FOUNDATION, Brazilian Foundation & LoveTogether Brazil,  a nonprofit that provides basic supplies to underprivileged children in Northern Brazil. Emilia is also a benefactor to 200 elementary school children, where she has personally overseen the upkeep of the school.

She has been a VIP guest to many special events, such as the Barnstable Brown at the Kentucky Derby and a private charity event hosted by Burberry. You can see more of Emilia on Getty Images.

Emilia has been on the cover of Alo Voce magazine and Radar magazine, as well as the front page of the Great Neck Record and the Brazilian Times, to name a few.  

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