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“Respiro “ Collection 2021

By Georgina Herrera

The Georgina Jewelry , The Georgina Jewelry ” Respiro “ collection is unconventional and unique, focusing

on a sophisticated and chic urban lifestyle for the woman of today.” Respiro” means to take a deep

breath of relief, that everything will be better. Inspired by the changing world, Georgina Jewelry’s

collection is intended to provide women with the confidence to take a breath and come back strong with

renewed values. She believes we are beautiful, imperfect humans who are ready to take the world into

our hands and make it better for all, and that we can do that while dressed in beautiful jewelry. Georgina

Jewelry’s newest collection features bold and colorful pieces crafted to make each woman wearing them

feel sexy, classy, and confident to take on anything they want.

Georgina Jewelry is designed by Georgina Herrera. She creates one-of-a-kind pieces for runway shows

and then tailors the design for ready to wear pieces. Herrera’s unique position as a second-generation

member in an international jewelry manufacturing family allows her to efficiently execute and deliver high-

quality fine jewelry. All Georgina Jewelry pieces are crafted in sterling silver and 24k gold vermeil.

Georgina Jewelry pieces also feature gems sourced from all over the world and crystals from Swarovski.

Georgina Jewelry can be purchased at, at Wolf & Badger in London, Alysa

Rene Boutique, and Halls in Kansas City, or at the Flying Solo store or the Copper Room located in New

York City.


PHOTOGRAPHER: Presley Ann Photography


COVER PHOTO : Alison Barnes Martin

OUTFITS : Nataliya Meyer


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