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PARIS FASHION WEEK 2020 The Power of REGANALDS by Tyrone Reid .

Tyrone Reid Bringing Bridal to life at Paris fashion Week 2020

powered by Flying solo.

Stunning and brilliant Creations that offered amazing show to the spectators !

Tyrone Reid is the designer, visionary and owner of the British luxury and celebrity fashion company called Reganalds. Tyrone Reid did not come from a fashion background, nor did he study fashion, but his frustration of the day to day copy and paste of fashion drove him to take matters into his own hands and start designing and producing his own clothing for himself. To his surprise, other people started to desire and purchase his clothing items and he soon realised it was a calling and an opportunity, so he took his vision and creativity and built Reganalds, which is now a British luxury and exclusive fashion brand known worldwide.

Reganalds is a British luxury brand of fashion for both men and women based in London, UK. Reganalds was created by designer and founder Mr Tyrone Reid in London in 2016, but he officially launched the company in 2018. Within only 2 years, the fashion brand Reganalds is already known for producing luxury clothing within three specific categories: causal, classic and occasional, designing bespoke and limited pieces for both celebrities and non-celebrities alike worldwide.

All of this success has come from the look and feel of all Reganalds garments being designed in a way to be very unique, elegant and have a since of naturally sex appeal to it that makes the garments stand out among ordinary pieces of clothing. In result, which is why Reganalds has spearhead into the high-end world of luxury fashion and is deemed among the best. Tyrone Reid’s vision for Reganalds has always been to produce the latest and most exclusive luxury design concepts within the fashion industry for people to wear around the world and as of 2019 his vision has become a reality, selling and showcasing Reganalds worldwide.




Organize by Flying solo

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