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Pacha Make-Up


Marcus Pacha, the creative mastermind behind Pacha Make-Up, sat down with Fashion Magazine NYC to talk career and ambitions.

Marcus comes from a long history of fashion, majoring in fashion design in his home country of Brazil. While working for a designer, Marcus quickly developed a keen interest in doing make-up and began studying to become a make-up artist. 3 years later, Philadelphia became his new home where he got his degree in HD make-up for photography and video. With these new skill sets, Marcus opened his own make-up studio and eventually moved to NYC where he found himself working on movie sets and NYFW.

One look at his work and there is no question as to why Marcus quickly made his way to the top. His designs range from soft bridal glam featured on New York Bridal Fashion Week, to whimsical features such as feathery eyelashes. Marcus’ attention to detail, selection of colors, blending, and skill undoubtedly set him apart in the colorful world of beauty.

Take a look below and let us know what some of favorite #PachaMakeUp looks are – warning: we guarantee you’ll have more than one (or five) favorite!   

PACHA MAKE-UP : instagram


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