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"Owner of Thick Girls is Fly Mary Jackson. Life after 40 is amazing "

" The last 2 years has been a rollercoaster. March of 2018 I turned 40, loss my Grandmother ( huge part of my life)that August and then giving the opportunity to have my first photoshoot with Rashad in September. Little did I know this would change things for me forever! I've since been in a NYC magazine, Philly Fashion Week and a few other shoots. As of October the 15th, I became Miss Fashion Global Photo Contest winner to which I then went to Florida in November and titled as MFG2021 for 40+. I can proudly say, thanks to the opportunity from Rashad, life after 40 is for me.

DESIGNER :Celebrity Designer Rashad Calhoun

MODEL : Mary Jackson

HAIRSTYLE : FeFe Nicholson (FB)

PHOTOGRAPHER: Isaiah McCommons

MUA : Tiffany Gordon (FB)

HAIRSTYLE : Taniesha Mills

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