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FMNYC - What is your greatest weakness, as a model? What are you doing to improve on it?

ANNA - My greatest weakness as a model is creativity. I feel like as I mature and form my identity it becomes easier to be creative in my own ways!

FMNYC - Did 2020 affect your creativity as a model?

ANNA - For me, as a model, 2020 allowed me to spend more time with myself. Simply being alone more helped me shape who I am today, including my creativity. During 2020, I definitely began to think more out of the box in new and innovative ways.

FMNYC - What is a “new normal world” post-pandemic?

ANNA - Honestly for me, there is no normal. Life is life, and everyone has their own description of what they think is normal.

FMNYC- What are you looking forward to in 2021and 2022 ?

ANNA - In 2021 and 2022, I am looking forward to a lot of modeling, traveling, building upon my internship, applying to colleges, and spending quality time with those who I haven't been able to see in a while.

FMNYC - When you’re not working, how do you like to spend free time?

ANNA - When I'm not working, I enjoy playing competitive volleyball, going to the beach, dancing, shopping, and hanging out with my friends!

FMNYC - Favorite photographers?

ANNA - Some of my favorite photographers are Olesja Mueller, Remington Jay, Robert Beczarski, Sagaj and AlexKruk!

FMNYC - What is your personal style?

ANNA - Personally, I would say my style currently is editorial. I love bright, fun colors. And I live for pieces that are a little out of the box to really add a pop to your look.

FMNYC - What is your favorite part of the modeling industry?

ANNA - My favorite part of the modeling industry is meeting incredible people and traveling to extravagant places!

FMNYC - What is your dream campaign and why?

ANNA - My dream campaign would be to be one of The Faces of Zara!

FMNYC - What are your goals as a model?

ANNA - My goals as a model are to simply continue modeling for as long as I can and do as much of it as possible. It is a huge passion of mine and it brings me so much joy every day!


MODEL : Anna Kathryn @anna_kathryn05

PHOTOGRAPHER : Remington @remingtonjayphotos

STYLIST : Remington @remingtonjayphotos

HMUA: Kevin Thomas Freiberg @kevinthomasfreiberg

PHOTOGRAPHER : Olesja Mueller @olesjamueller

HMUA : Martin Lane Christopher @martinlanechristopher ⁣

WARDROBE STYLIST: Angel Tailan @angeltailan⁣

LOCATION: ⁣Insomnia @insomnia_cafe_la


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