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Mother Daughter Special SIMONE SOARES & LUANA

“To love is to want good, to support, to believe, to encourage and to educate. Spending the first mother's day away from my daughter is like a piece of me is far away! But I'm happy for the opportunity she's having and even more so with the grades and praise from the teachers at the Musicals. Luana is dedication, talent, love. I am very proud of the beautiful woman inside and out, polite, loving, sincere, studious, that she has become! I thank God every moment for the wonderful daughter. I'm also grateful for technology, thanks to which we talk and get to see each other every day, so the distance is shorter! Happy mother's day to all mothers after all, mother's day is every day!"

says Simone





A mix of skills and aptitudes closed the year 2021 in the career of SIMONE SOARES who, in addition to acting, worked as a producer in the commented “Até a Noite Terminar”, a film directed by Caco Souza. Just to give you an idea, even in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, with her strategic planning alongside other great professionals, Simone managed to project 11 days of recordings in lush landscapes in Vale do Paraíba. The feature film, of the suspense genre, also has the surgical performance of Milhem Cortaz.


SIMONE SOARES has more than 20 years of career in her portfolio. Her audiovisual debut took place on television in 1998, when she played the unforgettable Daniele Monastero in the classic “The Story of Esther” (Record TV). Despite her performance being a cameo, Simone began to draw attention for her resourcefulness on stage.

Since then, she hasn't stopped. “Tiro e Queda”, “Louca Paixão” and “Marisol”, until her debut on Rede Globo de Televisão as Marta Oliveira in “A Lua Me Disse”, a 7pm comedy written by Miguel Falabella and Maria Carmen Barbosa.

On the Rio de Janeiro radio station, SIMONE SOARES built a solid career: “O Prophet”, “Under New Direction”, “Sete Pecados”, “Maysa – Quando Fala o Coração”, “Malhação”, “Caras & Bocas”, “Escrito nas Estrelas” ”, “O Astro”, “Flor do Caribe”, “Em Família” and “Sete Vidas”.

Her return to Record TV took place in style: “Apocalypse”, “Topíssima” and the mega-production “Genesis”, where Leora lived in the “Abraão” phase.

In cinema, there are 15 films, including short and feature films. The highlight is “Assalto ao Banco Central”, “Xuxa in O Mistério da Feiurinha” The actress acted in several successful soap operas on Rede Globo: “O Astro”, “Escrito nas Estrelas”, “Caras & Bocas”, “Sete Pecados”, “O Prophet” and “A Lua me Disse”, in addition to the unforgettable miniseries “Maysa – When the Heart Speaks”. He worked in soap operas by Record and SBT. In his curriculum, several works in the seventh art stand out, among them the films “Assalto ao Banco Central” and “Xuxa em O Mistério da Feiurinha”, as well as three other works that highlight his aptitude for comedy: “Tamo Junto”, “O Mistério da Feiurinha” Last Virgin” and “Tô Ryca”.



“Spending Mother's Day away is a novelty! This year will be the first mother's day that we're spending away from each other! But with today's technology it's a lot easier, and it doesn't make that much difference, but at the end of the day I always want a hug from my mom, and I can't wait to get back. This distance is worth it for my education and preparation as an artist!” says Luana

ACTRESS : Simone Soares @simonesoares

MODEL & ACTRESS : Luana @luanasoaressm

PHOTOGRAPHER : Jo Prazeiro @joprazeirofotografia

PHOTOGRAPHER : Sabrina Vasconcelos @sabrinavasconcelosphotos

PHOTOGRAPHER : Manoel Guimarães @manoelguimaraes

PROMOTER : Márcia Dornelles Comunicação @marciadornellescomunicacao


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