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Model Spotlight Monique Souza

Today we sit down with Brazilian Model Monique Souza, whose career took off as a baby and has only gone up since.  

Monique Souza, a 16 year old model from Brazil, dreams of being recognized in such a way that we’ll remember her when she’s no longer here. With the success she has seen at such a young age, we think this dream will be easily achieved. Getting casted for a national magazine as just a baby, she has been working as a model and actress for as long as she can remember. From then on, she entered the world of fashion and entertainment and never looked back! At 12 years of age, Monique entered her first beauty pageant and won first place as “Garota Verão" or Summer Girl and went on to win Miss Serra pre-teen, Miss Espirito Santo pre-teen and even third place in Miss Brazil pre-teen.

While she did love beauty pageants, Monique soon discovered they weren’t for her and began investing in theatre and her modeling career. After various theatre courses, she found her passion in the theatrical arts and participated in various shows, a national feature film, and did tests for several soap operas. 

With all her success, she confesses sue can’t choose which she loves more, acting or modeling, although the fashion world seems to be calling her more and more! Opportunities are arising for Monique, and after being scouted by Pietro Di Marcos she has started working as a professional model. This has allowed her to travel for fashion shows and various jobs in the fashion industry. 

At only 16, we can’t wait to see where Monique’s career takes her next!

Photographer : Weverton Almeida

Toninho Ribeiro

Claude Coimbra

Makeup : Ana Clara Nascimento

Hair : Julia Siqueira

Designer : La Preferita

Model : Monique Souza

Scouter : Pietro di Marcos

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