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Marcela was recently in New York on a trip with Ecco Moda photographing fashion straight off the Brazilian runway. We caught up during her trip to chat all things beauty, modeling, and travel. Read along for our interview!


Where are you from and how did you get into modeling ?

I was born in Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, Brasil. I started modeling when I was 19 years old, at the time I moved to São Paulo to start college. Being that modeling was a job with very flexible hours, I decided to give it a shot. Thank God everything worked out! 

You're studying become a veterinarian! How do you juggle your modeling career with school?
 I actually graduated 4 years ago! So now everything is very relaxed. While I was in college, there were many modeling jobs I turned down due to studying and exams. I did have to miss class here and there but I was able to finish, nothing is more important than our education. 

What are some of your beauty secrets?

 When it comes to our face, cleaning is essential! Especially since I use heavy make up during my modeling jobs. Deep cleaning, exfoliation, toning, and hydrating. Vitamin C and sunscreen are also must-haves! For the body - weight training, staying hydrated, and massages are great. But the biggest key is drinking a lot of water!

We love following all your travels on Instagram! What have been your favorite destinations?

There is no place in the world like New York! Without a doubt, it's the place I love the most; I'd love to live there!

I loved visiting Tulum, the magic of Paris and London, and Courchevel for skiing. In my dearest Brazil, I love going to Campos do Jordão to relax. I also love Miami - which is practically like being in Brazil! 

What are some travel tips you can share with our readers? 

 I'll share tips for the place I know best - my home country!  When visiting Brasil, you must visit the most incredible and romantic hotel in world located in the south. The hotel is called Ponta dos Ganchos, and every little detail makes this hotel worth it. The south of Brasil is incredible. 

São Paulo, where I currently live, also has its charm, everything happens here. I think that's why I love and relate to NYC so much, it's like a Brazilian NY here! 

Carnaval is also marvelous! If you've never watched a show in the Sambodramo in Rio - you need to experience this emotion. It gives goosebumps! 

MODEL : Marcela Melo

PRODUCER : Ecco Moda Brasil

Marcelle Valle

DESIGNERS : Santos Brand

Le Lis Blanc

Versatil Moda

Robin Ruth Eyewear Sunglasses

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