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FMNYC - What made you decide to be a model?

LARRYSSA - Like most young girls, I loved dress up, but it wasn’t until I stumbled on magazines that I realized how much I loved fashion. I began to study the industry and dress like those models so when I was approached by a talent scout to model, it seemed like a natural fit.

FMNYC - How do you handle feedback? LARRYSSA - I am confident in myself and my ability; however there are many facets of the industry that I have not experienced and so much for me to learn. I can only grow if I am open to feedback and willing to learn. I welcome feedback, positive or negative because it helps me be a better person and ultimately a better model. FMNYC - What types of clothes have you modeled before? LARRYSSA - Everything from high fashion to swimsuits to athletic wear. I am comfortable in it all. FMNYC - What modeling experience do you have? LARRYSSA - I have graced the cover magazine (domestic and international). I’ve walked the runway during Fashion Week in New York, Miami and Los Angeles multiple times FMNYC - Tell me about a challenge you faced when modeling. LARRYSSA - My biggest challenge is casting calls. The anxiety you feel and hoping what you have is what they want. Hoping you have what it takes to set yourself apart.

FMNYC - How well do you communicate with others?

LARRYSSA - I speak five (Creole, Portuguese, Spanish, French and English) English is not my first language. I’ve learned not just communicate verbally, but to understand cues and body language.

FMNYC - How has your education prepared you for a modeling career?

LARRYSSA - I have studied the modeling industry and have not been fortunate enough to have a mentor or someone to show me the ropes. I do the research and learn what is needed to be success in the industry. I’ve learned how to market myself and as a result I landed with one of the top agencies in the world.

FMNYC - Tell me about your biggest modeling accomplishment.

LARRYSSA - Securing a contract with WILHELMINA is a big deal for me. I’ve also been featured on billboards in New York Times Square and Los Angeles.

FMNYC - Did 2020 affect your creativity as a model? LARRYSSA - The global pandemic has changed the world in so many ways, nothing is like it was, but the constant for me was pursuing my modeling career. I spent 2020 catching up on my reading and developing my brand so that when things opened up I was prepared.

MODEL : Larryssa Veiga @larrysssa

MAKEUP : Danessa Myricks Beauty Makeup @danessa_myricks

PHOTOGRAPHER : Danessa Myricks Beauty Makeup @danessa_myricks

MODEL : Larryssa Veiga @larrysssa

DESIGNER : Lenshina Nchami @lenshinanchami

MAKEUP : Marc Bohlert @markie_j

PHOTOGRAPHER : R.prioleau @rprioleauphotography

MODEL : Larryssa Veiga @larrysssa

DESIGNER : Makarian @makarian__

MAKEUP : Marc Bohlert @markie_j

PHOTOGRAPHER : R.prioleau @rprioleauphotography


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