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One day when I was shopping at my favorite organic store I won a free photo shoot that was sponsored by a company that produces organic cosmetics. That shoot was very fun and I really enjoyed getting my make-up done by a professional make-up artist. The results were better than expected and I got a lot of positive feedback from friends and family.

A few weeks after that a good friend of mine told me that I should become a model. She also recommended creating a profile on a portfolio hosting page to connect with more photographers. As soon as I had done that, a large amount of messages containing offers for unpaid shoots appeared in my inbox. To build my portfolio I used those opportunities and did a number of unpaid shoots on the side while I was focusing on finishing school.

The more professional my portfolio started to look, the more photographers were willing to cover my travel expenses, outfits or the costs for a professional hair and make-up artist. There came a point when I felt like I was ready to charge for shoots I decided to stop doing unpaid photo shoots. This was probably about 6 or 7 years ago. Since then I have set up my own business, started studying at a University and have been traveling internationally to model for photography and videography projects when I could fit it into my schedule. It definitely beats most other student jobs like stacking supermarket shelves in both aspect: creative and financial.

The majority of offers now come from photographers, that usually don't pay models but want to take their portfolio to the next level by booking a professional model for a paid shoot. I never would have thought that I would be paid to work as a model one day.

With my Instagram growing there are even more opportunities opening up such as promoting brands, getting a commission and receiving free products. Working with so many artists and creative people in the most beautiful places is the most amazing thing about modeling. Every shoot is a new adventure that I am incredibly thankful for.

Photo by Thomas Muther Early morning swim during a Miami Beach trip is the best way to stay cool on hot summer days.

Photo by Thomas Muther Wearing beautiful lingerie and just being in the moment. That`s how this shot was created.

Photo by Thomas Muther with Model Carly May

Photo by Thomas Muther This shot was taken in New Jersey with a view of New York City. Shooting with natural light creates such a beautiful soft and dreamy look.

Photo by Troy Booker This picture was taken in Munich, Germany. Surprisingly no accidents occured and we didnt get caught by the police. This rush of adrenalin when standing so close to the roas and risking getting caught is what really makes this shot so special.

Photo by MB Pics This picture was taken during a morning shoot at a small lake in the South of Germany. Shooting at beautiful outdoor locations like this is just amazing!

Photo by Thomas Muther I absolute love these color contasts. This shot was taken in Delaware at one of the natural beaches on a sunny day in the summer.

Photo by Thomas Muther This picture was taken in Delaware on a beautiful morning. This style of lighting is calles lowkey and can create a beautiful sensual look by framing the shapes of the body.

Photo by Thomas Muther This shot was taken during one of my early morning workouts in a hotel. Morning workouts are my favorite ones because it is the best feeling to start the day with physical activity.





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