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Meet teen Model POPPY

How She conquered UK

Hi my name is Poppy Louise Hill

1. You've seen so much success in 6 months. Where do you see yourself going next?

. It’s been a busy but fun 6 months.

I just want to keep sharing happy times in my life , meeting new people and making friends and if people like the pictures I post then hopefully they will keep following.

100k followers is my next goal that would just be amazing

2. We love your passion for animal charities. What is one tip you would give to our readers who would like to get involved with helping but don't know where to start?

Find something that you really care about and find a charity that does great work with animals you love.

You don’t have to donate money sharing their stories is also a great way to help raise awareness.

I love the phrase “sharing is caring “ it’s so true because as children sometimes we can’t donate money but we can learn and educate others . Charities really appreciate it.

3. How do you juggle schoolwork and your different passions? What advice would you give to other girls out there who are also still in school?

It can be tricky and keeping an active social account takes a lot of time and dedication . Maybe set aside certain days or times for school work and a separate day or time for social media . It’s so important to catch up with friends so I always make time for this .

It’s tough to juggle everything but you will love it when you start meeting new people and hearing all the nice things that people have to say. I love to see other people’s journeys , I truly have made some lovely friends .

4. You mentioned one of your goals is to have the opportunity to work with people in the fashion industry. Who would you dream collaboration be with?

There are so many fashion designers I love Stella McCartney is one I adore for her bright happy colours but if I had to choose one it would have to be Burberry Imagine working with Burberry it would be a dream come true

Poppy Louise Hill


MODEL : Poppy Louise Hill ( Instagram )

PHOTOGRPHER : David Knight ( Instagram )

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