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Meet ROSA G. Model spothlight

Rosa G. A 27 year old, young model with Dominican-Italian roots. She graduated as social and nursing assistant. A year ago she decided to step forward into fashion and modeling. She got to work with several photographers from Germany, where she lived for over 12 years. She standed out thanks to her body shape (80-70-84). Currently she's living in Ibiza. The model relates, that as a young girl she had a passion for fashion and modeling. At young age she tried to step into the fashion world, but because of her low height (1.53 m), offers were turned down. But she never gave up an here she is, stronger then ever and growing day by day!

Photograph : Sascha Wolf (instagran)

Model: Rosa G (instagran)

Designer : Günes yüksel (instagram)

Photographer : Michael Linzmeier (instagram)

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