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Updated: Oct 25, 2021

- Melisa, this year you have become the ambassador of the popular Indian brand Heritage India Fashion in New York. Tell us why you have decided to cooperate with them?

MELISSA - I really like authentic designers who put love to their country and culture into the brand. Probably this is because I have Turkish origins and in this country national decorations are appreciated very much. That is why I take part in shootings for designers from all over the world with great pleasure – it’s inspiring. In addition, in collaboration or cooperation, the history of the brand is very important to me, and Heritage India Fashion has been working in New York for about 50 years, it is a family brand.

- It means, you had been acquainted with the brand even before becoming an ambassador?

MELISSA - No, rather the brand with me (Melisa is laughing - author). The designer noticed me on the cover of L’Officiel India and looked for a cooperation opportunity. Unfortunately, I couldn’t open his show at New York Fashion Week this year because I was passing my medical school exams in Medipol Medical school, but I'm sure we'll fix that in February. But I am happy to represent his brand and be an ambassador this year.

- You were the first who saw the collection and did the shooting even before it appeared on the catwalk. Tell us your impression of the collection!

MELISSA - Yes, this is one more bonus of my profession - to be the first forseeing all the novelties and be always in trend! This collectioninspires very much, I have chosen four different looks and each of them is unique in its own way. Silken milk sari, decorated with emerald clover leaves and interspersed with gold, creates a delicate and honorable look and it is perfect for a festive morning ceremony. Second look: navy blue outfit with red poppies. As you know, poppies are a symbol of female youth and beauty. This outfit is more suitable for young, brave and ambitious girls.

- A traditional Indian style of trouser suit - one of my favorites - is great for a family celebration or for an open-air event. Deep pink is now the most popular color of this season, perfectly complemented by yellow.

MELISSA - And the fourth look - for me it is a look in the spirit of New York – it seems like you become completely in touch with megacity, accepting its set of color.

- You are talking so interestingly that I just felt like getting such outfit too, but it should be a special occasion.

MELISSA - You know, I won't argue that Indian outfits are bright enough for everyday life. However, if you combine them with capsularthings, it becomes very stylish. For example, I like to wear tops together with basic jeans, sometimes complementing them with a classic jacket – it looks very fashionable.

- You have a great sense of style! I like this combination. Have you ever thought about creating your own brand?

MELISSA - I can't say that I haven’t had such thoughts ... I often try myself in new projects and areas. Perhaps now it is not the time - I am in great demand as a model, that makes me glad, but at the same time it takes a lot of time. In addition, I have received the title of Miss New York this year, I am going to record my first clip andI am finishing my studies at a prestigious university. There’s a time for everything.

Melisa, thank you for your time and an exciting conversation, you are a very inspiring person! We will look forward to our next meetings!


MODEL : Melisa Gün @drmelisagunn

PHOTOGRAPHER : Tina Sokolovskaya @tinasokolovskaya

DESIGNER: Heritage India Fashions @heritageindiafashions

STYLIST : Adriné Radutska @adi_radutsk

PRODUCER : Valeri Manziuk @manziuk_v_

PR: Katrinka Basik the_magazine_for_you

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