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"Kids supermodel of the year ANNA TITKO"



Young and ambitious - Anna Titko’s story, a student of Vita models

Despite her young age, Anna Titko is a successful Ukrainian model. She is invited

to shooting for campaigns and lookbooks by popular Ukrainian designers; she

appears on the cover of not only Ukrainian, but also European glamour magazines.

Today we will discuss how she does it at her age.

NYFM: Anna, tell us how you decided to become a model and what do you like

about this profession?

Anna: I have always been a very active child, so my parents immediately

understood that I needed to do something active in my free time. I really like

studying at the modeling agency VITA models because it includes a complex

program: we learn to pose, practice walking in runway walk lessons, learn to

choose the right wardrobe and make-up basics, discuss healthy eating, and learn

acting. Every week, experts come to us from different areas of modeling and tell us

about their experience - it's very interesting. I think that’s useful information for

any girl.

NYFM: how do you combine it with your study?

Anna: I have never had any problems with my study because of modeling, vice

versa, the guys at school are very interested in how the shooting is going, they are

especially happy for me and my success. I always bring and show my new work to

my friends.

NYFM: Tell us about the atmosphere in the team; is it difficult to communicate

with the girls during shooting?

Anna: I have got many friends thanks to the school of models; we like to spend

time together. Shooting very often takes the whole day and it is very boring when

there is no one to talk to during the breaks. But I was lucky: we often go to shows

to other cities or to shooting with my friends and our director Vitalina Savchuk.

NYFM: What relations do you have with the model school teachers and director?

Anna: Of course things can be different, but mostly we have very good relations.

Each of the trainers is trying to help us achieve success in the future. We have

especially good relations with our director - she is an example and a teacher for us.

NYFM: Thanks a lot for the conversation, Anna! You are a wise girl beyond your

years! We wish you further success and conquest of your career peaks!


MODEL : Anna Titko @vita_models

Vita Models | Model Agency @vita_models

PRODUCER : Valeri Manziuk @manziuk_v_

PHOTOGRAPHER : Tatiana @tatiaseeva

MAKEUP : Ирина Chimbar makeup @chimbar_make_up


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