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JOB DACON Enfer Sur Terre Collection

For a Woman With Class

FMN - Have you always wanted to be a fashion designer? Is there a monumental moment in your childhood that made you realize you want to be a fashion designer? Kindly share with us.

JD - When I was in my teens, being a fashion designer was a far cry to what I wanted to be which was a forensic psychologist. Years passed and people have been noticing that I had that knack for style in general way before I realized it myself so I guess it started there.

FMN - Did you have a formal fashion education? Kindly share with us some of your favorite moments during your fashion schooling days, your course and your school nam

JD - Yes and No, I pretty much started my fashion career watching YouTube tutorials on how to sew and construct a garment. Later in my life (where I saved up enough for it) is where I got into a fashion school. It was in SoFA (School of Fashion and the Arts). My most memorable time there was when I would do something batshit-crazy and the class just gags over it.

FMN - How would you describe your aesthetic as a fashion designer? What lines are you usually offering your clientele?

JD - The Job Dacon aesthetic is a threesome lovechild of Schizophrenic visions, vintage elegance and historical events. I offer my clientele the je ne sais quoi only our studio can give.

FMN - How would you describe the ideal Job Dacon clientele?

JD - The ideal Job Dacon clientele, I would say, is anyone with an intelligent and adventurous palate for fashion. It’s people who would like to rule the room AND the streets.

FMN - What was your first ever fashion collection? Kindly describe the theme of the collection, the materials used and the style silhouettes, as well as the name of the collection, and when was this launched,

JD - My first ever fashion collection was “Vivat Temporis” which is Latin for “Retrieve Time”. The collection’s theme is centered on baroque rococo art specifically in the mid-17th century where sides are taken to the extremes. The materials used are antique tapestries which were originally used as wall paintings. The silhouette pretty much follows the theme which were huge bouffant skirts, overly-puffed sleeves and of course, panniers for days. The collection was launched June 2019 along with one of my mentors, Rocky Gathercole, for LA Fashion Week.

JOB DACON Enfer Sur Terre Collection



MODEL : Imari Rodriguez

MODEL : Hannah Khayle Iglesias

HAIR & MAKE-UP : Malick James Hilado

Assisted by The Face Mantra

MAKE-UP ARTISTRY : Geremy Barceliano

SMOKE TECH : Leobert Alea of SoundxPro

LOCATION : Chataeu De Tagaytay - Philippines


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