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Updated: Sep 4, 2023


FMNYC: Hello, thank you for joining us today. Can you please introduce yourself?

JESUS LUZ: My name is Jesus Pinto da Luz. I’m a Dj, model and Actor. But the most important thing … I am a father.

FMNYC: That's interesting. How did you get into DJing and modeling?

JESUS LUZ: As a model everybody that looked at me used to say things like “you need to be a model”or “you need to find an agency” etc. As a DJ it was also very natural… I always had dj friends and musicians around me.

FMNYC: Can you tell us more about your DJing style?

JESUS LUZ: I love to play house, techhouse, and always many styles inside electronic music. I’m very eclectic, so it is amazing for my job.

FMNYC: And what about your modeling?

JESUS LUZ: How do you approach it? I started very young to pay my studies as an actor and my ticket parties. Throughout the time I gained experience and saw how good I could be and I believed it. The Fashion industry is awesome and creative in a single way.

FMNYC: What do you think about the future of AI in the music and fashion industry?

JESUS LUZ: I really can’t tell you right now. So many things changing so fast. Technology makes us think in all kinds of possibilities.

FMNYC: Any advice for those who want to follow in your footsteps?

JESUS LUZ: Believe in yourself, try not to be naive and build a strong support around you.

FMNYC: Who inspires you in the industry and why?

JESUS LUZ: At the moment, In fashion Philipp Plein and in the music industry Alok.

FMNYC: What are your upcoming projects?

JESUS LUZ: Next step I will be in Milan fashion week and then a tour in the USA.

FMNYC: What are you looking forward to in 2024?

JESUS LUZ: Be back with full energy to the fashion industry. I also miss acting.

FMNYC: What are your goals as a model?

JESUS LUZ: Meet incredible singular people that inspire me to be a better professional and human.



MODEL : Jesus Luz @jesusluz

DESIGNER: Phillip Plein @philipppleinofficial @philippplein

COMMUNICATION ADVISORY (Jesus Luz) : @claudiacmassessoria

PHOTOGRAPHER : @guilhermelima


VIDEOMAKER 1: @castro_______

VIDEOMAKER 2: @felicostta

DIRECTOR : @ferhanriot

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR : @marcusvlgarcia

STYLIST : @marlon_mesquita

DIRECTOR PHILLIP PLEIN (Latin America ): @feferigon

REPRESENTANT Philipp Plein Rio de Janeiro: @adrianaphilippplein

LEGAL Jesus Luz: @danilo.bispo

CAR MERCEDEZ BENS : @costallatautomobile



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