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Interview With The Amazing GYVANIA POWELL


FMN - What is your greatest weakness, as a model? What are you doing to improve on it?

GP - My greatest weakness as a model is sometimes being to strong in my facial expressions. As much I love being fierce all the time, their are moments where being soft can enhance the photos.

FMN - How do you balance your time studying marketing and modeling?

GP - I balance studying by staying active on social media, getting to know new updated influence plans. Additionally balancing my time daily.

FMN - What you do before you start a workday and why?

GP - Before I start a work day, I wake up at around 5:30-6am I pray and spend time with the Lord. Then I’ll do some form of work out usually about 30 minutes. Then I’ll get ready for my day. I call this my millionaire morning routine, helps to set me up for a productive day and sets the tone positive.

FMN - Did 2020 affect your creativity as a model?

GP - No 2020 didn’t affect my creativity it helped me. I grew to be able to create awesome content on my own with out having a photographer. Helped me learn new skills as a person.

FMN - Who inspire you on the industry and why?

GP - My favorite influence in the industry will always be Naomi Campbell, she is considered a woman of class and sass, yet is well respected for her strong fierce nature in photos and on the runway.

FMN - What does a “new normal world” post-pandemic?

GP - In 2021 I am looking forward to building my own brand, growing in my crafts and going on a bigger platform to help woman and others break free from mental limitations. Also building new relationships.

FMN - What are you looking forward to in 2021?

GP - I honestly don’t have a favorite editorial, I appreciate them all. Everyone’s eye is different so there is art in each spread.


My Name is Gyvania Powell, I was Born in Miami Florida to an amazing Queen, GyGi Williamson. As a creative soul with great purpose, my goal in life is to inspire others to live life beyond their personal limits. Life has a way of shrinking you in trials, but I believe in God and I believe He created us to be limitless. Modeling alongside other talents allows me to live in that realm of freedom



MODEL : Gyvania Powell


FMN - What was your favorite editorial in 2020 and why?

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