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How to find your personal Style?: the advice of stylist and fashion consultant Alina Frolova.

Stylist and experienced fashion consultant Alina Frolova daily enlightens more than 100 thousand of her followers on how to adapt current fashion trends to everyday life. 

For us, Alina answers the eternal question "How to find your style?" and gives tips to help you figure out your wardrobe correctly.

How to find and create your style?

Style is the ability to choose clothes that suit you, decorate you, and distinguish you from other people.

Therefore, you can create and find your style only if you correctly evaluate yourself.

It's no secret that there are certain stereotypes regarding our appearance prevent us from forming our style, how can we get rid of them?

I think, first of all, you need to listen to yourself, and wear something that will be comfortable and in which you can feel confident. If you understand that your preferences go beyond the public vision of the style, you either go against it, but proudly, or adjust your whole life to the others - there is no third.

What is the basis of the wardrobe? How to be inspired?

The most important thing in your wardrobe is to create a skeleton around which you can already play with fashion trends. I think the ideal base is: a pantsuit, shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, cardigan, jeans, and coat. These things will serve for any profession and on any day of the week.

Are there general rules for selecting the right outfit? 

If we omit the moment of the events, uniforms, and dress code, then, in my opinion, there are no rules for choosing an outfit.

How to organize your wardrobe?

Everything is very simple: look at it and understand if you haven’t worn a thing for more than a month, then you don’t need it. This is an extra ballast, and you need to get rid of it. Paradoxically, the smaller the wardrobe, the more choices.

How important is it to know your type of figure?

The type of figure needs to be known and understood, first of all, because correctly selected clothes will emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws, no matter how corny it sounds. And you need to be able to look at yourself from the outside: you should like yourself when you are leaving your house.

How carefully should trends be monitored?

I think fashion should be spied on; blindly following trends is useless. Fashion is so fleeting, it is best to find your style, which can be diluted with something super trendy.

Visual correction of a figure with the help of clothes is not a secret for anyone. What rules do you need to know to hide flaws and emphasize your advantages?

Speaking shortly, you need to know the rule of linearity. If you want to stretch yourself visually, then we stick to the vertical lines, if you want to add more volume, we stick to the horizontal lines.

Many designers and stylists get their inspiration from films, clips, etc. Advise your favorite videos and references in creating images.

I always advise “Sex and the City”, this is a perfect example of style in ideal performance. Instagram and Pinterest are two main resources where I constantly find something interesting for myself.

Alina Frolova | New York

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