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How Athlete and Model KIMMY REPOND Finds her Motivation

After a stay in Moscow, Kimmy's passion for ice skating grew to be her life calling. Kimmy started playing the piano at the age of 10 and won several awards. She applied her dedication and work ethic to ice skating and has now mastered all triple jumps, including all triple-triple combinations. She is also a member of the national team, a four-time Swiss champion, and has won several gold medals on an international level.

Kimmy's goal is to be on the podium at the JGP, European Championship and at the World Championship. Another long standing passion of Kimmy's is modeling, which she found a close resemblance to the world of ice skating. Within a short time you slip into different roles and are allowed to wear beautiful clothes present on the stage. As a model, Kimmy has several years of experience with magazines and other medias. Some of her experience includes:

  • SFR TV: Shine and Glory

  • Interview Magazine

  • Landliebe Magazine

  • Blick Newspaper

  • Interview BAZ Newspaper

  • Cover of All Eyes Magazine

  • Cover of Figure Skater Fitness Magazine USA

  • Max Grundig Klink Magazine

  • Radio SFR Interview

  • Solo number in Art on Ice

  • Music on Ice

Kimmy Repond is a swiss ice skater and 4-times Swiss champion

(2020 Swiss Junior Champion).


MODEL : Kimmy Repond


Sports photographer: David Emm

PHOTOGRAPHERS : Axelbrog photographie

Aleks Salamon

Sagaj Photography

Anubhav Sood (


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