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"Making Jewelry That Highlights Your Everyday!" Guadalupe Velazquez

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

One of my oldest memories creating jewelry has to be back home in Mexico City. With not much materials to experiment with. My imagination roaming wild, the feeling of synergy while putting pieces together and joy on my sisters faces receiving their first GV design. My name is Guadalupe Velazquez, I’ve been a jewelry designer for over 28 years now. Coming to the united states and having to start a new life for yourself is very difficult but my drive and determination has been there guiding me through the rollercoaster of my life. Arriving to the land of opportunity from a 3rd world country is challenging but those experiences and memories help me create authentic, handmade pieces. One of my first employers in New York was this woman named Evelyn Brown. One day she was at her house creating custom belts using semi-precious stones and pearls and she asked me if I would like to learn how to make some, she was looking for an assistant to co-produce her collection and so I agreed. I was connected with a jewelry instructor, full paid classes to learn and be her apprentice. Mrs. Brown was not only a mentor/designer/boss, but a great friend that believed in me, helped me excel and originate my brand GV DESIGNS.

Recently I have been branching out, not only selling but also providing a service to our seniors in all boroughs. I participate in jewelry workshops getting seniors to alleviate stress, promote physical, cognitive and social benefits with every class I teach. One reason why I love to help seniors is because I like to work hands on with them, walk them through techniques that I have learned and also learning from them and what they have learned either here in the states or skills they picked up when they were in their native countries. The amount respect that I give to our elders is reciprocated and remembered through great pictures and videos they are all excited to take once they have completed designing.

Throughout my career my work has been given recognition on many magazines; Fashion Avenue, Alpha Fashion, Eye Fashion, D.O.M, Life & Style and Latina Magazine. I was interviewed for the NY1, Radio Carrion, World Fashion Media News and have showcased my seasonal collections on Telemundo 47. I have presented my designs in many fashion shows and photoshoots I coordinate. I’ve been exposed in newspapers like Brasilia Now and Diario de México. As time goes by I continue achieving all my goals and dreams. I love creating pieces for those people who appreciate art and enjoy wearing “one of a kind” accessories. I always try my best to be consistent with my work. My passion is to innovate, and make ideas come alive.

Making jewelry that highlights your everyday!

Designs By Guadalupe Velazquez :

Models : Emilia Pedersen

Jackeline Pereira

Hunter Bines

Loren Darioli

Brian Alexis

Makeup & Hair : Pachá Make-up Team

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