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I decided to create a unisex footwear line with first collection called the Gentleman's Sneaker. The name 'Gentleman's' sneaker links to my teens when I decided to change my mindset for the better and work towards my aspirations and become a gentleman myself. It's also to show the young boys as part of my education initiative called The Young Gentleman's

Project that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

This new line collection aims to please providing a sleek and smart look wheather worn formally or casually. I wanted to create that perfect everyday sneaker that you reach into the closet for and know you will instantly feel good wearing them.

The collection includes the all white low-tops and the limited edition navy hi-tops. There's some great anticipation for the release this April and I'm very excited about this new venture.

The designer - I myself Anthony Daulphin grew up in the heart of Birmingham, United Kingdom. I have a huge passion for creativity and making a difference to people well-being. As my Anthony de Daulphin brand continues to grow I aim to create more initiatives to make a difference through my sneakers.


DESIGNER : Anthony Dauphin

PHOTOGRAPHER : Thomas Huggins

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