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Fitness tips from model Karolina Geits

As the whole world faces a global pandemic, we are facing many restrictions that have affected our usual rhythm of life. Nearly all gyms are closed or providing an online mode. Some people have started to master the remote training programs and training at home, some choose alternative types of sports, and others simply refuse to train. Today we will talk with the famous model Karolina Geits and find out how she manages to stay fit during the lockdown.

Q: Karolina, this month you landed on the cover of the popular American slick magazine "Elements", and last month on the cover of the Czech "BE-PUBLIC", Italian “Elegant”. We cannot but recognize that, despite the lockdown, you are in an excellent physical shape. How do you do it?

K.G.: Thank you very much. It's no secret that appearance is a working tool for models. The level and quality of the offered contracts directly depend on how you look. And the appearance is not only the face, but also the body. Quarantine, depression or just a bad mood - nobody cares, you always need to look perfect, and this is hard work.

Q: That is to say, you always do sports regardless of situations and traveling?

K.G.: For me, sports is an integral part of my life. Of course, I try to eat healthy, but without sports you will not achieve the proper results. I try to alternate cardio and physical activity; I run in the mornings, I especially love jogging along the Hudson in the mornings, water gives me an extra strength and energy. During the quarantine, due to the lack of the opportunity to work out in the gym, I switched to training outdoors. In addition, I really like active sports so I focused a lot on tennis during the lockdown. Firstly, it provided the chance to be in fresh air at a time when there were not many opportunities to spend time outdoors. With most of our time being spent at home, it is very important to find an opportunity to breathe fresh air. The brain is saturated with oxygen and after training you feel a surge of energy and new ideas. Secondly, a safe distance during training does not endanger you and allows to play without a mask. And of course - it's beautiful!

Q: How difficult is it and where to start?

K.G.: Well, first you need to choose comfortable clothes. I really love comfort and aesthetics, so it is important for me that the clothes look good and are comfortable. For my sessions, I chose sneakers of Nike and gorgeous togs of Nike, too. They will help you to pick a racket and other equipment at school. If you are a beginner, I would advise you to contact the school and train with an instructor, but if you have already learned a little, then the next thing is practice – you should find a sparring partner of your level and train. From my experience, I would advise to occasionally take training sessions or sparring with partners of a higher level in order to strive for their level. But I assure you, tennis is pure love. For me, this is one of the most beautiful and sexiest sports. I would like to wish our readers to not be afraid that they have never tried, but right now to sign up for a trial session and enjoy their trainings, and I will always help with an advice if necessary. @karolinageits


Q: Thank you very much, Karolina, for sharing your experience and tips, I am sure many people started to think about a new hobby!


MODEL: Karolina Geits

PHOTOGRAPHER : Evgeny Milkovich

PRODUCER: Valeri Manziuk


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