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Disla Couture is a girl's dresses couture line for special events/occasions.

Each design is delicately hand crafted by Cristina, the designer, giving each piece a special touch and uniqueness. Along with her sisters Yasmin and Rosanna and niece Jianny, this line brings a new meaning to couture.

Cristina grew up watching her seamstress mother create beautiful pieces. She became intrigued in the field and began making outfits for her dolls at a young age. It wasn’t long until she realized that this was her calling. She found so much passion into creating dresses for her dolls that she knew that this was the path for her. A Fashion Design and Marketing degrees, over 15 years of experience in the industry, the unfailing support of her family and a very strong faith in God, prepared Cristina to start her own business.

Disla Couture is now raising eyebrows in their exclusive custom-fitted clothing line constructed with novelty, high end quality fabrics for all beautiful girls everywhere. With these garments we are sure to feel like girls run the world! At Disla Couture, we believe that “Every girl deserves to feel like a princess, and like butterflies with great wings, have no limits to fly high”. 🦋

We’ve had the pleasure to work with many girl models. Here featured are: 

Mirabel Schwartz, age 5


•Burgundy Feathered Dress,  part of our Royal Safari collection. This dress was custom made for her for New York Fashion Week February 2018. It was carefully hand crafted with the help of the designer’s mother.

•Mermaid Embroidered Lace dress, part of the Little Secrets collection. This very delicate lace has gold touches that adorns this best seller

•Lilac Floral Dress. Satin fabric, layered floral, printed dress has an open back for a dramatic look. This is a sneak peak of an upcoming project, stay tuned!

Mariama Diop, age 8


•Lilac Snake Jacket Dress, part of the Royal Safari collection. The sleeveless dress is perfectly adorned with crystals at the waist. The dress is paired with a sequin jacket that gives a snake print look. Each piece can be worn individually for different styling!

•Embroidered Black & Gold dress, part of the Little Secrets collection. This beautiful dress has a dramatic bell sleeve that will surely be a show stopper!

Adalyn Dominguez, age 3 


•Sweet Lilac Dress- this pastel dress is the perfect outfit for Easter. It’s white border, sash and collar give it the perfect contrast. Collar is delicately adorned with a floral trim. 

•Black Lace Tulle Dress. Custom made for this playful doll. What little girl doesn’t like tutus?! 

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MODELS : Mirabel Schwartz

Mariama Diop

Adalyn Dominguez

Makeup & hairstylist : Tatiana taira

lorena Oliveira

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