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“I am Maria Pashuk and I’m a designer. Since early childhood I was fond of art and I always imagined outfits of book heroes or dresses suitable for some kind of music. You know, a little costume designer still lives in my head. Constantly draws different images. It was it what made me, at the age of 19, enter the College of Technology as a fashion designer.”

All my childhood I spent in Russia,Birobidzhan (a small town in the Far East). To succeed as a designer in America I had to work hard. I would really like to say that I was lucky, but this is not so. In general, I think that I haven’t done anything yet. All that surrounds me today is hard work. I often criticize myself: “You can do more! Masha, you can do better! Work faster!" I express my world in what I sew and I love my work very much, but sometimes its results require more effort than I thought and I worry. I want to believe that from the outside everything looks more grandiose than I think because it’s always not enough for me what I have already implemented.

My success criterion: I want to wear show business stars

I would really like to work only with celebrities, just because when I look at one of them, a lot of ideas arise in my head and then they haunt me for a long time.

I believe that society is not fond of fashion, but those who demonstrate it. Therefore, I’ve decided long time ago that I want to help public people, create and develop my own style – unique for them and recognizable for the environment.

It’s expensive not what looks great, but what is in the hands of an admirer

I take part in Fashion Weeks so that as many people as possible from around the world find out about me. It would be great if they also told their friends about me. I think it will be great if my clients talk about it soon.

I am open to customer requirements – the people I work with are definitely my people. I’m comfortable with them and therefore I relate to any wishes with all my soul. I can’t do it in a different way.

After I became a designer, my lifestyle hasn’t changed much.

Except for the fact that I began to attend parties and charity events more often everything remained as before. I’m still doing yoga and if I have a personal meeting with clients, I say, “If there is no clothes in your closet that you would like to wear, be sure to call me and I will create a new look that you will love at first sight.”

My experience inspires me. My new collection of clothes took me a lot of time and it would be wrong if I say that this is an accidental burst of fantasy.

What I sew is bound to be gorgeous long before it appears on the podium. During this time, many different things inspire me – most often flowers.

I am always nervous before the fashion show.

Indeed, it is scary. But fashion is subject to women's whims, and I know that I can satisfy them. To calm down, I’m looking for a quiet place and just drink tea. The anxiety passes quickly.

I am aware of the strengths of my brand, my clothing style is my calling card. Without it, I would have remained anonymous.

I direct all my efforts to create a completely new image of a modern woman in society. This is most noticeable in my early collections. Things were sold a long time ago, only photos on Instagram remained as a keepsake.

I have an atelier. I want to believe, in the middle of summer I will open my own store.

I want to make a truly brilliant boutique.

I know how to cope with rivalry. It is important for me to think through everything. Until the seamy side of the outfit became as beautiful as it is beautiful on the outside, I consider it unfinished.

This approach makes my clothes different, not like everyone else. It helps me.

Speechwriter: Mikhail Savitsky

MODEL : Kateryna Saveiko

PHOTOS : Eduard Grigoryan

MODEL : Elina

PHOTOS : Olga Reva

MODELS: Anastasia

Katya Nieto


Olga Reva


DESIGNER : Mariia Pashuk

MODELS : Kateryna Saveiko


Katya Nieto



Eduard Grigoryan



HMUA : Olga Anisko

Speechwriter: Mikhail Savitsky

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