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DAN ROBINS British Actor, Writer & Producer


"Dan Robins is a British Actor, Writer & Producer. He started his acting Career at 26, during the pandemic, and immediately started making an impact. Booking a variety of feature films, commercials, new media and film productions, he has now worked on over 30 different productions ranging from smaller, low budgets to Hollywood blockbusters.

Off the back of his award winning Acting and working with some of the biggest names in Hollywood like Austin Butler, Bill Nighy and Raff Law, he is now writing his first blockbuster feature film, rumored to be following the story of two secret agents uncovering a dangerous secret about the company they work for...codenamed, 'The Agency'!

As an Actor with on-set Stage Combat and Stunt experience, he has been shown to be a very dynamic individual. With his style and work ethic, he enhances each Production he is a part of.

He is going to make a big impact in the industry! Watch this space!"

DAN ROBINS @danrobinsactor

DAN ROBINS @danrobinsactor

DAN ROBINS @danrobinsactor

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