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Citrus from Brazil

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

After the launch of its e-comerce CITRUS @citrusoficial, held in Curitiba on May 11, Vitoria Ciruelos @Vitoriaciruelos embarked on the last 24th to New York, bringing to its brand the refinement of the international standard.

At the invitation of her friend Emilia Pedersen @ emiliapedersenofficial, Danish, resident in New York and recognized for being a reference of fashion and style.

Victoria traveled to celebrate Emilia's 16th birthday the well-known Sweet Sixteen, which is the sixteenth anniversary is one of the most important celebrations in the American culture, and that of Emilia was held last May 26 at the Clastle Hotel & Spa, Tarrytown , "Castle of Faces" in New York.

                                                                    Emilia met, and her friends photographed the new @citrusoficial collection in Times Square with Fashion Magazine NYC, as the trip beyond the special celebration also featured professional affairs, attendance at events and wonderful photos of Friends by the Big Apple.

To expedite the trip, Vitoria counted on the super advisory of the travel agency World Tour @agworldtour known for its excellence and professionalism, to organize the details of the trip that had an itinerary not to be missed in New York and of course with many news of the CITRUS brand for its avid followers by style, plus international fashion tips !!

Photos by Marcos Vasconcelos Fashion Magazine NYC .

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