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Choose your perfect designer look from Mariia Pashuk.

"I have nothing to wear."

How often do we hear from girls from all over the world the same phrase: "I have nothing to wear." And it does not matter how many clothes are in her wardrobe and when she has bought the latest earrings. And if you need to choose a look for a special case - the problem begins to take an universal proportions: we go shopping, order online, go for help to a friend ...

There is an exit!

Opening of designer Atelier Maria Pashuk solve the problem of million girls! You no longer have to waste time and money, just go to the website and order your perfect outfit in one click. And if you want an individual approach, you can always leave a request online and we will select the fabric, color and style that suits specifically you.

Designer Maria Pashuk creates exclusive outfits for a special occasion. Each product is created specifically for customer requests. “It is very important to create not just an outfit, but an image in which a person will feel comfortable and at the same time look incredibly chic! We select the color and material of the fabric for each client, choose a style that will hide all the flaws and emphasize the advantages. ”- says the designer. “We also have ready-made looks. Each of them carries a special energy, because we invest a piece of our soul. You can verify this yourself by looking at our instagram diary

After studying at the faculty of graphic design in Russia, Maria graduated from one of the leading American educational institutions in the field of fashion - the Institute of Design South Florida. Even during her studies, the girl was very distinguished by her creativity and innovative approach, which was rewarded with numerous diplomas and thanks. Maria opened the first Atelier in Miami and immediately gained success: the girl received various orders, she dressed public people and celebrities, she created a capsule collection of exclusive swimwear especially for the MISS FLORIDA contest. Now she is successfully conquering New York. She takes part in Fashion Weeks and private presentations for VIPs and will soon open her store on 5th Avenue.

Designer: Mariia Pashuk

Photographer:  Evgeny Milkovich

Fashion producer: Valeri Manziuk

Author: Ilona Fesenko

Models : Obianibeli Esu

Models : Marina Milani

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