BEAUTY SPOTLIGHT OF THE WEEK, Dr. Amanda de Oliveira Ponce

Fashion Magazine NYC follows Dr. Amanda de Oliveira Ponce through the heart of NY and to her clinic today to talk all things beauty.

Dr. Amanda de Oliveira Ponce was born in Brazil.

Was educated in Federal University of the State of  Goias. A specialist in Facial Harmonization  through the prestigious Harvard Medical School.  Attending an infinity of other Aesthetics course to better serve her clients.

In the modern age, aesthetic medicine has shifted away from invasive surgical procedures that radically change appearance to a less intrusive methods with the same effect and minimal recovery time. ​ At Ponce Concept we provide a detailed facial and skin assessment as well as treatments programs and solutions while educating our clientele in factors influencing the aging process. ​ “Since appearance is a vital component of self-confidence, refreshed and rejuvenated skin and a harmonic and beautiful face  helps bring out the best in people. “With a variety of injectable fillers on today’s market, the transformation can be very rewarding”.

Dra Amanda Ponce/ Dr Pablo M. :

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Dra Amanda Ponce/ Dr Pablo M. :

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