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ALINE BARROS - Gospel Singer Talks About Her Project `My Prayer`.

And Sharing Her Dreams And Achievements.

Sharing Her Dreams And Achievements.

FMNYC - Tell us a little about the album “My Prayer” ALINE - The album my prayer was born in my heart during the pandemic. My house and I live intense moments in the presence of the Lord. I was stretched out in my faith and we could see the hand of the Lord leading it all! This album is the first visual album of my trajectory and I am very happy with the testimonies and what God has done through it. FMNYC - You are a dear artist, how does the heart deal with all this affection that people transmit for you and for your story? ALINE - I am grateful to the Lord for receiving so much affection from people scattered around the world. I am grateful to have been chosen to be a spokesperson for the message of transformation, salvation and healing. May the Lord continue to touch lives through the songs and what I propose to do, directed by Him, for the advancement of the Kingdom.

FMNYC - Are you presenting your new Podcast and how is this experience going? ALINE - Tea with Word is very special! In fact, this concept was born during the campaign to launch my song Imesurable, which is on the album Minha Oração and then we produced a beautiful studio and I was able to receive several special people for a chat and lots of music. The first season will be about the 30 years of career that I will complete now in 2022. It will be weekly and it is unmissable. FMNYC - Do you have any news on the way? ALINE - After the release of the visual album in its entirety, we started working on the 30-year-old project, which already has the first song released in June. The concept of the 30 years is very special because I will pass through some cities and countries registering very special re-readings of songs that marked lives during these 30 years. I'm so excited for you to dive into this message with me and I'm sure it will touch hearts and bring people closer to God! FMNYC - How is it reconciling family and work? ALINE - The family will always come first and in my case, they actively participate with me and whenever they can they go to some commitments I have. My family is always there, I don't see my career without my family. We minister together! FMNYC - And what do you usually do in your leisure time? ALINE - Enjoy my family, my children. Create memories and have a lot of fun. Appreciate simple moments and through these moments continue to deposit in their hearts more about love for Jesus and His word.

SINGER : Aline Barros @alinebarros

FMNYC - Do you still have a dream to fulfill? ALINE - I have many dreams! But I see the Lord doing each of them in a special way. I pray to God that in the next 30 years my heart can burn even more for the Lord and for his work and that I continue to be a channel to spread the good news of salvation. And I know that having this desire in the first place, the means by which it will happen will be provided by the Lord and so my dreams come true. FMNYC - In the professional field, do you feel fulfilled or are there still great challenges to be overcome? ALINE - I am always fulfilled in the Lord, after all, He always does much more than what we ask or think. But yes, in our trajectory each project is a challenge and I want it to always be like that, because we see the manifestation of God in this and our dependence will always be worked on and improved because without the Lord nothing will be possible. FMNYC - What else did you learn in 2021? ALINE - Depend entirely on God!

FMNYC - Tell us a little about future projects and news that you have prepared? ALINE - Celebrating 30 years of career is one of the main focuses now. We will have many releases under this theme and I know the public will love it! I can't tell you many details today, but what I can tell you is about the first songs that were recorded in the United States and that will be the first to be released. There's much more to come! FMNYC - Are you happy with your achievements? ALINE - They are the additions of the Lord. I am very happy with all that He has done in these 30 years and I know that He has more to do. I feel very honored! FMNYC - A message for the magazine and its fans: ALINE - Prayer changes everything! May you be filled with the presence of the Lord and may you live a regulated life of prayer and the word of God so that your heart will be nourished by more of God and His presence. It all starts and ends with Prayer! Seek the Lord, pour yourself into the presence of the Father and live a life of miracles!

SINGER : Aline Barros @alinebarros

SINGER : Aline Barros @alinebarros

SINGER : Aline Barros @alinebarros
PHOTOGRAPHER : Marcio Farias @marciofariasfoto
HMUA : Isa Souza @isadorapsouzaa
STYLIST : Ale Duprat @aledupratoficial
VIDEO : Thamirys Mendes @tbmendes
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LOCATION : Le Chateaux Joá @lechateauxjoa

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