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7 secrets of the perfect body from supermodel Kateryna Saveiko.

By Ilona Fesenko

Kateryna’s slim body is the envy of many. You can see it just by looking at her photo. Constant flights, shooting and casting and at the same time a slim waist, perfect slim legs and not a gram of excess weight - it is amazing how Kateryna manages to keep herself in perfect shape. She is sure: in order to find the body of her dreams, she does not need a lot of money, she only needs willpower, the desire to be beautiful and a few basic rules. So, are these are secrets of beauty, we personally found out from the model especially for our readers

1. Every morning on an empty stomach Kateryna drinks a glass of water with lemon, a spoonful of chia and honey and a couple of drops of organic coconut oil. “I take special oil from an organic food store in Manhattan, it’s very important that all the elements are high-quality and organic.”

2. The golden rule of a supermodel is daily meditation! Kateryna do spiritual practices in the morning and evening in the form of hypnosis - meditation. This is a special kind of practice that purifies the consciousness of negative subconscious thoughts, gives clarity of mind and harmony of the internal dialogue. Kateryna practices hypnosis meditation in the morning and evening and at any free time. “It really works. I see a positive result every day,” the model recommends.

3. Naturally: regular exercise (physical activity) is not just a whim, fashion, or something else. Sport should be a way of life, not a temporary phenomenon. Thanks to physical activity, you can not only establish a metabolism, but also make your body healthier, more durable. First of all, sport is health, and therefore well-being, and a decrease of frequency of diseases (due to improved blood circulation and metabolism, the consequence is the strengthening of immunity). Secondly - if you want to be the master of your life - start with your body. Become his master. You should control your body. Self-control, self-discipline is a great power. Now, while we are young, we have it, but how to keep youth? Physical exercises make an incredible contribution to a stronger and healthier future for the whole organism.

4. One of the commonplace, but effective ways is to drink 1.5-2 liters of water per day. Water makes up 70% of our body, and our metabolic rate depends on it. If a person regularly lacks of water, his health and appearance suffer. The heart beats more slowly, the central nervous system breaks down, digestion problems begin, and the kidneys worsen their cleansing functions. Noticeable lack of water affects beauty. Hair becomes dry, split, grows slowly, nails become unpleasant, exfoliate, break, the skin becomes gray and uneven. The loss of a single vitamin or macro-cell does not act as quickly and fatally on the body as a lack of water.

5. Proper nutrition. Kateryna has excluded flour, fatty, fried and even red meat from her diet. “When you start eating right, you feel the body respond with gratitude. Over time, you begin to get used to and love proper nutrition: boiled and fresh vegetables attract more fried potatoes, steamed or grilled fish, fruits replace sweets. ”

6. Healthy sleep. It is very important to sleep at least 8 hours a day, because only during sleep the protein that we take with food turns into a protein absorbed by our body, which is needed for every cell to continue to exist. The better and deeper we sleep, the more intensively this process of protein conversion occurs and the more viable the skin and body cells become. This explains the secret why sleep makes a person more beautiful.

7. Care and love to yourself. An undoubtedly important aspect of ideal figure is professional skin and body care. In order to be radiant and supple, it is necessary to use high-quality moisturizers. Also take a course of massages, it helps to keep the muscles in good shape, especially after physical training. After the gym, Kateryna recommends going to a sauna or a hamam, so that the muscles relax and excess water leaves the body - this makes the body more toned and sexy.

To sum up, we can say that a beautiful body is the result of daily labor and self-development, but it is worth it. Remember, the body is the shell of our soul and our appearance depends only on us.

Fashion producer: Manziuk Valeri

General producer: Dimitri Manuel


Apr 26, 2022

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